Sunday School and Bible Class Information Page

The month of September brings a lot of new things into our lives.  Kids go back to school, starting a new grade.  College students prepare for the new year, some going for the first time.  And, in our church, Sunday School and Bible Classes start up again!  Even though we take a break during the summer here at St. Paul Lutheran, we encourage all our members and guests to begin classes with us in the fall.  The following are the classes that we are offering starting in September:


Sunday School Grades Preschool - 8th grade 

Will Resume On January 7th at 9:15am.  Sunday School Is For Three Year Olds Through 8th Grade - Our Sunday School will continue the “Growing In Christ” Sunday School curriculum. This year we will be learning about the Book of Acts, and how Jesus equipes us with His Love and teaching others.


High School Bible Class 

Our 9th-12th Grade Bible Study is designed specifically for our teenagers.  Will Resume January 7th at 9:15am.  We meet in the Youth Room in a relaxed atmosphere, where we can discuss the topics at hand.  If you haven't been in our SPY high school class, now's the time to get back to studing the Bible with your fellow classmates.  


Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class 

There will be a New Bible Class starting for our Sunday Morning Bible Class.   Why not bring your children or grandchildren to Sunday School and then stick around for your own study.  We can always set up more chairs.



Wednesday Morning Bible Class 

Wednesday Morning Bible Class will resume on January 10th at 9:30am.  Come and have a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite drink in the morning with friends; and Let's have a special time with the Lord in "Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply".  I'll Put The Coffee On!



As you can see, we’ve got plenty of interesting studies for you to attend.  If you haven’t tried a Bible Study at St. Paul recently, why not begin this month. You’ll find a pleasant atmosphere of fellow Christians who want to study the Word of God for the strengthening of their faith.  Hope to see you soon.