Usher List January 1, 2023 to April 30, 2023

Usher Duties, things you should know while ushering.


1. Arrive at Church at least 30 minutes before service time.
2. LIGHTING - Turn on the following lights in the church:

Outside Entry Lights - Switches are in the narthex.

Stained Glass Window Lights - The round, tan dimmer switch is by the coat rack between the church and the education unit.

Sanctuary Lighting - Switches are on the east wall just inside the doors. 

Chancel Lighting - Switches are in the Chancel on the south wall. There’s three switches by the door; two dimmer switches for the altar lights and one regular switch to turn on the mercury lights.

3. Back Room Work (Key is in the Circuit Breaker Box) Enter and please do the following:

Sound System - turn on the sound system with the one switch on the power strip.  Please do not touch any buttons on the amplifier!

Stained Glass Windows Lights - (For evening services only) The switch for this is on the south wall and turns on the outside lights that shine above the altar.

Hymn Numbers - Put up hymn numbers on North board only with the hymns listed in the bulletin.  The numbers are in the 1st drawer under the amplifier in the back room.

Light Candles - Light candles on the altar 15 minutes before service time.  If the Christ Candle is in the sanctuary, please light your taper from it.  On weekends when we have communion, please light all candles on the altar.  On weekends that we don’t have communion, please only light the seven-candle candelabra.

4. Hand Out Bulletins.  Large-print bulletins are available for those who request them.

5. Large Crowd - In the event of a large crowd, please help people find seats in the sanctuary.



6.Ringing The Bell - Please ring the bell 2 minutes before service time.  Let the organist know that you’re ready to ring the bell and wait until she’s done playing.  The large rope is located upstairs, just outside the balcony door.  Ring the bell at least seven times.  Please close main doors to the church after ringing the bell.

7.Record of Fellowship - During the Opening Hymn, two ushers should go to the front of the church and collect the Record of Fellowship sheets from the people.  They are then brought to the back of the church and either given to an Elder for communion or put on Secretary’s desk.

8.The Offering - Following the sermon, four ushers should be ready to collect the offering (two on Saturday night). Usually SPY will have four youth collect offering on Sundays, but please be ready to fill in if they’re short on numbers.  Please remember to have someone collect the offering in the balcony!

9.Dismissing the People - At the end of the service (after Pastor goes to the back of the church) one usher should come to the front to dismiss the people, alternating north and south pews.

10.Please Do Not Turn Off Lights Until Last Pew Is Ushered Out.


11.Put out all candles in the chancel.

12.Take the offering from the Offering plates on the altar and put it in one of the bank bags that are stacked on the bookcase above the back pew.  Bring the bag to the back room and drop it in the gray Drop Box.  Please make sure the bag is totally zipped before dropping it in the box!

13.Turn off the sound system by turning off the one switch on the power strip in the back room.

14.After evening services, be sure to turn off the stained glass window lights above the altar. Again, the switch is on the south wall in the back room.

15.Turn off all lights in the sanctuary, hallways, basement, restrooms, upstairs and outside.

16.While the Pastor and Elder commune each other at the altar:


Saturday Night - (Communion is served at the Communion Rail) One usher comes to the chancel to place the cushion in the middle of the Communion Rail and puts in the wood joiner. Two ushers are then needed, one to usher people out of the pew and the other to stand at the front to direct people to the rail. As soon as the Pastor dismisses the communicants at the rail, the front usher should direct the people behind him to start walking up to the rail.

Sunday Morning - (Communion is served in a walk-through style) When the Pastor and Elder come down to the main level of the church, only one usher is needed to direct the first people out of the front pews on the north side of church and then to step back as people walk through to receive the sacrament and then around to their pew.